Katrina Pierson: “This Concept That Michelle Obama Invented The English Language Is Absurd”

Katrina Pierson: “This Concept That Michelle Obama Invented The English Language Is Absurd”

In interview with the Beltway media on Tuesday, Trump campaign spokesperson and convicted shoplifter Katrina Pierson did her damnedest to spin the recent controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s wife Melania. As you’ve likely heard a thousand times by now, Mrs. Trump got herself in hot water after it was revealed that she lifted an entire portion of her originally well-received Monday night RNC speech from Michelle Obama.

Since that discovery, the Trump team, along with other Republicans, have been doing damage control in the media. Pierson went out on her day’s mission with the apparent talking point that Melania Trump’s first language isn’t English, so she should be forgiven for cribbing a segment of her address from Mrs. Obama’s 2008 DNC speech.

While appearing on MSNBC, Pierson not only told host Craig Melvin that Melania should be given a pass due to her English skills, but also because she didn’t copy the First Lady’s remarks verbatim.

“It was not copied, and even reporting on it, it wasn’t verbatim. I will say, yes, there were similarities to that speech. And again, these were also platitudes and values even that you can find in any motivational speaker book.”

Um, someone needs to explain plagiarism to Ms. Pierson. Apparently, she thinks it is literally copy-and-paste. Also, if she lifted the quotes from a motivational speaker’s book, then that too would be plagiarism.



While that was bad, she was even worse when speaking to The Hill. During her interview with the political news publication, she snarkily retorted that Mrs. Obama did not invent the English language.


“These are values, Republican values by the way, of hard work, determination, family values, dedication and respect, and that’s Melania Trump,” Pierson told The Hill. “This concept that Michelle Obama invented the English language is absurd.”


Can we finally dispense with this notion that Katrina Pierson knows what the fuck she’s doing?

Also, just to add, hasn’t the Trump narrative all along been that the Obamas are destroying America, that they aren’t “one of us,” that we need to Make America Great Again because of the damage they’ve caused? Now we are being spun this yarn that we all share these same core values, and that is why we get this coincidence of Melania saying word for word what Michelle did eight years ago? OK then.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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