Women Mock Trump/Pence With Fake Menstruation Questions

Women Mock Trump/Pence With Fake Menstruation Questions

Trump’s choice of Mike Pence as his running mate has re-ignited a campaign to mock the Indiana governor for his stance on abortion, women’s health and Planned Parenthood. Women across the country are contacting Trump HQ to ask questions about menstruation, pregnancy and intimate health.

Woman of all ages are asking the Trump campaign for advice on whether they should get pap smears, how they should react to menopause, how they should handle sexual problems and much more. Mocking Pence’s Indiana law that basically established the state government as the authority on women’s health, social media users are asking if their doctors and OBGYNs are really the experts, suggesting the Trump campaign or the Republican National Committee might know more.

A Facebook page, Periods for Pence, is highlighting the vice-presidential pick’s long history of opposing abortion, trying to restrict access to abortion in his state and the general approach of the GOP to women’s health issues. The recent Republican attacks on  Planned Parenthood were extremely partisan and earned widespread criticism.

As the Republican National Convention opens in Cleveland, the online protest movement is well timed. The proposed national platform opposes abortion at all stages in possibly the most conservative party platform in history.

Trump’s choice of Pence was seen as a sop to conservative Evangelicals. Pence’s attitude to women’s health issues has been the subject of online mockery for several years and now women’s anger at Pence’s anti-abortion views has been transferred to the Trump campaign.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.