Trump Says “There’s Something Going On” Between Obama And Violence Against Police

Trump Says “There’s Something Going On” Between Obama And Violence Against Police

One of the major pillars of Trumpism is the use of conspiracy theories, specifically against the nation’s first African-American President. Donald Trump truly began his national political career five years ago when he jumped headfirst into the birther movement. Since then, he’s repeatedly suggested that POTUS is a secret Muslim and terrorist sympathizer, among other things.

During a Monday morning interview with Fox & Friends, the presumptive GOP nominee added ‘Cop Killer Sympathizer’ to the growing list of Obama identities. In the aftermath of the Baton Rouge shooting that took the lives of three police officers, coming on the heels of the tragedy in Dallas, conservatives have been quick to blame Obama. They’ve largely gone after him for not speaking out forcefully enough against Black Lives Matter and so forth.

Trump decided to take it one step further and hint at a conspiracy by using his favorite phrase — “there’s something going on.” Speaking to the curvy couch sitters, the real estate mogul noted that the president’s words might seem appropriate in response to these killings, but something afoul is at foot.

“I listened to the president and sometimes his words are okay, but you just look at the body language, there’s something going on. There’s something going on…There’s just bad feeling, and a lot of bad feeling about him. I see it too. We have a country that has not been like this since I can remember it.”

This is the exact phrasing Trump has used in the past to state that Obama might be in cahoots with ISIS because of his secret Muslim background. Now, he’s using the same ‘wink wink nod nod’ approach to convey to his base that he knows that the Commander-In-Chief is supportive of violence against cops due to him being a black man. This isn’t even subtle.

Others noted what Trump was doing Monday morning as well:



Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Raw Story:

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