Katrina Pierson Tries To Discuss Trump’s Muslim Ban, Once Again Reveals She’s A Hot Mess

Katrina Pierson Tries To Discuss Trump’s Muslim Ban, Once Again Reveals She’s A Hot Mess

Out of the many grievances the American public now has with Donald J. Trump since he launched his presidential campaign last year, foisting Katrina Pierson on us is at least in the top half of that list.

The Trump campaign spokesperson has made a habit of giving vapid, fact-free, condescending, annoying, sneering interviews on a daily basis for a year now. It seems that at any given time, you can turn on one of the three major cable news channels, or one of their sister affiliates, and you’ll see Pierson in all of her duck-faced glory, spitting out Trumpisms while giving off her best mean-girl vibe.

On Monday afternoon, with the Trump campaign supposedly revising the reality star’s all-encompassing Muslim ban to only include migrants coming from countries with known terrorism links, Pierson was brought on CNN’s The Situation Room to explain Trump’s policy. The problem was, either nobody gave Pierson her talking points for the day, or the campaign itself is satisfied with her contradicting herself every 30 seconds while making it appear that Trump wants to ban all Muslims, but maybe not all Muslims, but definitely all terrorists, but only people who’ve been vetted, but we can’t trust vetting, and something something something. Anyway, you get the gist.

First off, we had Pierson telling host Brianna Keilar that Trump never, ever, EVER proposed to ban all Muslims from coming into the country. Instead, he was just proposing to put a temporary hold on Muslim immigration. It was just a policy suggestion, you see. Keilar had to play the actual clip of Trump saying that he wanted to ban all Muslims from entering the country, which seemed to confuse Pierson a bit, as she talked about sound bytes and such, and said there’d been no change to the policy.



We then got Pierson wanting to say that while Trump wasn’t changing his policy, he was adding to it by bringing up countries with terrorism links. This obviously confused Keilar, considering that the spox had just said there’d been no change. Eventually, the conversation turned towards vetting immigrants and, specifically, refugees. Pierson insisted that there was no vetting process in place, claiming the FBI and CIA have said that is the case.

At this point, Keilar had to get some facts given to her by her producer to read directly to the ex-shoplifter. Noting that there is actually a very stringent vetting process in place for refugees from war-torn countries such as Syria, Keilar asked if this vetting would be strong enough for Trump. Pierson, though, didn’t believe that there was any vetting going on, and considering that Keilar got her info from a namby-pamby fact-checker, the conversation was DONE.



Now, props should be given to Keilar, for trying to inject facts and reality into a conversation with a person who rejects all of that. However, let’s be honest her. If Donald Trump were to fire Katrina Pierson right now, she’d be a CNN employee by the end of the week. Hell, we’ve already seen that movie.

Justin Baragona

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