Bill Maher: Trump’s Selfishness Has Killed His Campaign, GOP Needs To Perform Abortion

Bill Maher: Trump’s Selfishness Has Killed His Campaign, GOP Needs To Perform Abortion

At the beginning of the panel segment of Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night, the host discussed presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s floundering campaign. Specifically, he noted that for the first time in a year, he really does believe that Trump’s words and actions have caught up with him, and that he now has no real shot to win the White House.

In response to Maher’s question on why Trump suddenly sank after getting away with saying so much crazy shit for so long, Josh Barro noted that it was the combination of the real estate mogul’s ethnic attacks on a judge and his self-centered response to the Orlando shooting. After conservative pundit Emily Miller — who works for Fox News wannabe One America News and was doing her level best to dominate the conversation all night — jumped in for a bit to deny polls showed Trump was flailing, Maher went back to Barro’s argument.

“I see it as, this was the week it ended. I don’t think I’m the only one, because most of the Republicans who were caught on camera this week basically said, ‘I don’t want to talk about it…It’s selfishness. The judge thing looked selfish. There is no constituency for Trump University except for Donald Trump, and attacking the Mexican-American judge. And, basically, And then the first thing out of his mouth after Orlando was, ‘I was right.’ He looks like what he is — a narcissist.”

Later on in the conversation, after Miller continually tried to state that only her network’s poll matters — Gravis/OAN is notoriously bad when it comes to polling, and they won’t provide their methodology — that we aren’t listening to the ‘real’ voters, and the GOP isn’t self-destructing, Maher stopped her in her tracks.

“This week they’re looking for an out. I think this week they are saying, ‘Look, we reserve the right for a late-term abortion for Donald Trump. We’re not for abortion, but the life of the part is at stake.'”

Below is video of the segment:


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