After Claiming He Won’t Watch Anymore, Trump Whines About Critical ‘Morning Joe’ Segment

After Claiming He Won’t Watch Anymore, Trump Whines About Critical ‘Morning Joe’ Segment

Remember when Republican standard-bearer and David Duke’s favorite candidate Donald Trump stated that he was boycotting Morning Joe? Remember when he said that he will no longer watch or do the program because co-host Mika Brzezinski had “gone wild with hate” after she criticized Paul Ryan’s endorsement? It was only a few days ago.

Well, this latest boycott appears to have ended almost immediately after it began. Despite saying he won’t watch, the Trumpster revealed that was a lie when he whined about a segment of Monday morning’s show mere minutes after it aired, indicating that he had seen it live.



What got The Donald’s hackles all up was Tur’s appearance on the program following up a report she co-authored regarding the lack of coherence and strategy with his campaign. Speaking to Joe Scarborough and Mika, Tur explained that there is both internal dissent within the lightly-staffed campaign, and a number of key roles that haven’t been filled, despite the need to pivot to a general election.

In both the report and her MJ segment, Tur mentioned that the Trump team has not had a real response to a number of developments over the past few days, whether it is Hillary Clinton’s speech or the Trump U case. They just wait on Trump to comment and then go from there. There is no real strategy in place. And it is now creating discomfort among those on staff, especially as Trump has gone full-blown racist regarding the Trump U judge.

From the report:


Aides appeared unprepared for the Trump University story last week, despite knowing in advance that unsealed court documents would reveal explosive allegations of fraud. Beyond a short video of former students praising the program that was posted online, the campaign offered scant pushback.

The absence of a response to the Trump U story left the candidate to fill the vacuum with a torrent of demagoguery against the federal judge overseeing the case, Gonzalo Curiel, who Trump said was biased by his “Mexican heritage” despite his Indiana birthplace.

Trump’s comments against the judge horrified many supporters, but the real estate mogul rebuffed efforts by campaign staff, donors and party officials to back off the incendiary claim this weekend, per sources, telling them he was unwilling to look like he had caved to pressure.

“These are things that will defeat [us],” a second source within the campaign lamented.


All in all, it shows that there really is no campaign. It is just Trump with a handful of yes-people and sycophants, all flying by the seat of their pants without a clue. And any attempt to reel him in and make this a legitimate presidential campaign are rebuffed by the raging orange monster at the helm.

In regards to the Morning Joe boycott, did anyone really believe he wasn’t going to watch the program anymore? On top of that, this is actually the second time in a month he’s made this claim. Last month, he got all pissy and got into a Twitter fight with Joe, only to show back up on MJ a couple weeks later after the duo came to his defense a few times.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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