Trump Defends “The Indians” From Hillary, Says They “Have Gone Wild” Over Her Comments

Trump Defends “The Indians” From Hillary, Says They “Have Gone Wild” Over Her Comments

During an interview on CNN’s New Day Monday morning, presumptive GOP nominee and knower of the best words Donald Trump decided to hammer Hillary Clinton on her being very un-PC over the weekend. See, The Donald wasn’t happy with Clinton saying that she knows how to deal with men who go “off the reservation,” responding to the numerous sexist attacks Trump has launched against her, specifically about her using the “woman’s card.”

Speaking to host Chis Cuomo on the phone (natch), the celebrity billionaire claimed that Hillary was taking a lot of heat from “the Indians” for using the “demeaning” term. Apparently talking for all Native Americans everywhere, he then said they demanded she retract the statement.

“She has taken from others a lot of heat having to do with that statement. I think it’s a very harsh statement. It’s basically, you know, like, I can handle men. Don’t worry about me. I can handle men. If somebody said that, if I made that statement about women, there’d be front page headlines.


“I think it’s a very demeaning statement…Now, I won’t even bring up the fact that the Indians have gone wild on that statement. You know that? The Indians have said that statement is a disastrous statement, and they want a retraction. I’m not going to get into that.”

Just like how “the blacks” love him, Trump also knows what “the Indians” want. Of course, the best part of all of this is that not only does he refer to an ethnic group on monolithic terms, like he always does, but uses obvious stereotypes to describe them. Hell, we all know Native Americans are savages, right? Hell, why not add they were whooping and hollering, likely cuz they were drunk off firewater?

Anyway, Trump is hardly someone Native American groups and tribes would consider an ally. As ThinkProgress pointed out last year, after The Donald whined about Mt. McKinley being renamed/restored to Denali in honor of the indigenous people of Alaska, he’s had a lengthy history of bigotry towards Native Americans.


The most egregious example of this came in 2000 in upstate New York, when Trump began bankrolling an ad campaign to stop a casino from being built in the Catskills. As the New York Times reported last month, the local newspaper ads showed “hypodermic needles and drug paraphernalia … [and] warned in dire terms that violent criminals were coming to town.”

“Are these the kind of neighbors we want?” the ad asked, referring to the St. Regis Mohawks Tribe at Akwesasne, which was planning to build the casino. “The St. Regis Mohawk record of criminal activity is well-documented.”

Back in 1993, Trump gave testimony to the Congressional Subcommittee Native American Affairs. A casino in Connecticut, owned by the Pequot Indians, had just become the most popular one in America, surpassing Trump’s casino in Atlantic City. Trump was unhappy about this, and accused the casino owners of not being authentic Native Americans.

“‘They don’t look like Indians to me,” he said, “and they don’t look like Indians to Indians.” A Mediaite report noted that The Pequot have had centuries on interbreeding after being largely massacred by English settlers in the 1600s, so many have Caucasian features.

At the subcommittee hearing, Trump then began railing against the idea that Native Americans should be able to own casinos at all, due to organized crime. If they continued to be allowed, he said at the time, “you’re going to have the biggest organized crime problem in the history of this country. Al Capone is going to look like a baby.”

“It’s going to blow,” he continued. “It’s just a question of time, and when it blows you are going to have a lot of very embarrassed faces sitting right where you folks are sitting right now.”


On top of all that, Trump believes that the Washington Redskins should keep their name and logo, because in his mind, “I know Indians that are extremely proud of that name.”

You gotta love how Trump thought he totally had Hillary nailed dead to rights, only to step on his own dick.

Below is video of the exchange, courtesy of CNN:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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