Cruz Taps Carly Fiorina As Running Mate (And Lady Who Sings Creepy Songs In Horror Films)

Cruz Taps Carly Fiorina As Running Mate (And Lady Who Sings Creepy Songs In Horror Films)

It was already a silly spectacle, and then it happened…

Ted Cruz, after getting his ass thoroughly whooped in the Northeast primaries on Tuesday by Donald Trump, came up with a wing ding doozy of an idea to buy him some momentum and media attention. Early on Wednesday, his team sent out a press release saying Cruz had a major announcement at 4 PM ET. Eventually, it was revealed that he was going to announce fired Hewlett-Packard CEO and seventh-place finisher in New Hampshire Carly Fiorina as his running mate.

Of course, Cruz needs to win something like 130% of the remaining GOP delegates to get the nomination, so this is really nothing more than fantasy booking at this point. (Yeah, yeah, I know. Brokered convention and what not, but c’mon, man! You can’t be naming a running mate when you have no chance without inside political shenanigans. But I digress.)

Anyway, back to Carly’s big coronation. After Cruz talked and talked and talked, because he knew all the cable news channels were airing him live, he brought out Fiorina. And she talked and talked and talked, because she knew the cameras were on her and she was the ‘big’ story. And then we got this:



Try going to sleep now!

This continues to be the dumbest election this country has ever witnessed.

Justin Baragona

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