Susan Sarandon: “Some People Feel Donald Trump Will Bring The Revolution Immediately”

Susan Sarandon: “Some People Feel Donald Trump Will Bring The Revolution Immediately”

One of the concerns during this Democratic primary has been if there would be a slight fracturing of the party if Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders. It has become increasingly obvious that many of Bernie’s supporters have developed a visceral hatred for the former Secretary of State. Whether it is going after her Wall Street connections, email issues or her vote for the Iraq War, Berniecrats have taken to social media to display their animosity for Hillary. (To be fair, the same can be said for many Clinton supporters.)

While many a pundit has pondered the notion that some Bernie voters would prefer a Donald Trump presidency to a Clinton one, it had mostly existed as a theory. That is, until Monday night, when one of Sanders’ most ardent admirers and surrogates showed up on primetime cable news and spilled the beans.

In an extended interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on All In, Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon stated that she didn’t think that she could vote for Hillary if Bernie lost the primary. Beyond that, she told Hayes that some of the true believers would rather have Trump than Clinton because Hillary represents the status quo, whereas a Trump presidency would jumpstart the revolution.

Seriously, she said that shit.

After she admitted that Bernie would convince his voters to get behind the ex-First Lady if he falls short, Sarandon expressed uncertainty of being able to do that herself. She let Hayes know that she’d have to “wait and see what happens.” When Hayes was left almost speechless at the thought of her risking a Trump-run America, she then told him “some people feel Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately.”

Of course, it takes a lot of guts for a white millionaire celebrity to talk about allowing a racist demagogue to become President because it means her hippie revolution may finally happen in her lifetime. But, millions of people face real turmoil and danger if Trump wins the White House. That shit is real for them. And they can’t speak all glibly about standing on their principles as Ms. Sarandon. She’ll still be wealthy and famous and safe.

And, not for nothing, but in 2000, Sarandon was a vocal supporter of Ralph Nader, whose Quixotic third-party run cost Al Gore the White House. It could be argued that we wouldn’t have had an Iraq War if it weren’t for Nader’s campaign. Look what your support for a ‘revolution’ got us then, Susan.

Below is video of the interview, courtesy of MSNBC:


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