ESPN’s Michelle Beadle Calls Out Colleague Mike Ditka For Saying Al Jazeera Is “Garbage”

ESPN’s Michelle Beadle Calls Out Colleague Mike Ditka For Saying Al Jazeera Is “Garbage”

Late Saturday evening, the sports media world was abuzz over news surrounding an investigative report by Al Jazeera claiming superstar quarterback Peyton Manning had purchased and used HGH in 2011. The documentary, which will air on Sunday evening, contends that Manning used his wife to obtain the banned substance from an anti-aging clinic. The explosive report also claims that other well-known athletes also received performance-enhancing drugs and narcotics from the clinic.

By Sunday, Manning and his PR team were hard at work refuting the story, with the Denver Broncos QB retaining the services of former Bush Administration lackey Ari Fleischer to perform spin control. Also, one of the key people connected with the story recanted his statements. Peyton also got some help from the mothership as Hall of Fame coach and ESPN football analyst Mike Ditka slammed Al Jazeera for its reporting, claiming they sucked ass, likely because they sound all Muslim-y and shit.

“Here’s the thing that bothers me: Al Jazeera is not a credible news organization. They’re out there spreading garbage. That’s what they do. Yet we give them credibility by talking about it. They’re garbage. That’s what they are.”

It should be noted that Ditka considers himself an ultra-conservative who still thinks he could have defeated Barack Obama in the 2004 Illinois Senate race if he would have ran. Right-wingers who love them some Fox News tend to think AJ is a front to spread radical Islamic propaganda rather than a legit media organization that does some very hard-hitting investigative journalism.

Immediately, Ditka got pushback from some of his own colleagues at ESPN, notably Michelle Beadle. The fiercely outspoken host took to Twitter to correct Ditka on his assertion that Al Jazeera is not credible.



After receiving a bunch of ignorant feedback from Twitter users who complained about her sticking up for Al Jazeera, Beadle pointed out a sad truth.



Other ESPNers weighed in with their thoughts:



One wonders if the Worldwide Leader will step in and tell any of these folks to back off their criticisms of Ditka. Especially when it comes to protecting the almighty NFL. It is kinda their MO.

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