Conservative Gun Nuts Call For Boycott Of NBA Over Anti-Gun Violence Ads

Conservative Gun Nuts Call For Boycott Of NBA Over Anti-Gun Violence Ads

On Christmas Day, a number of public service announcements were aired during NBA games that were aired on ESPN and ABC. The ads featured NBA stars alongside the families of gun violence victims, all calling for an end to killings, especially in the inner-city. Movie director Spike Lee was also involved in the series of PSAs that will be played during games throughout the season.

The campaign is the result of a partnership between the league and Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun violence awareness group that was started by Michael Bloomberg. The organization has been pushing for tougher gun control laws since the deadly mass shootings at Sandy Hook in 2012. These ads with the NBA will naturally raise the group’s profile. At the same time, the NBA has made sure to point out that the partnership is only on an educational level regarding personal safety, and they aren’t taking a political stance on gun control.

Despite the NBA making what should be a universally approved statement about wanting to end needless gun violence in this country, a bunch of ammosexuals took the ads as an affront to their Second Amendment rights and constitutionally protected freedoms. Before, during and after the PSAs were first broadcast, conservative patriots took to Twitter to bitch about the NBA and call for a boycott of the league.



Besides being upset about their gun rights supposedly being taken away by basketball players, you’ll notice that many of the Twitter users using the hashtag #BoycottNBA also tend to have a white nationalist bent to them. For some weird reason, I’d figure these folks weren’t exactly watching a lot of pro basketball prior to this announcement. Call it a hunch.

Justin Baragona

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