‘Tis The Season For The Imagined War On Christmas

‘Tis The Season For The Imagined War On Christmas

Every year non-Christians have to watch a portion of the society get overly offended at what they perceive as a “war” on their religion. More specifically, a war on one of their most sacred of holidays, Christmas, the birth of their savior. Of course, this war is all in their head, and they wage it against the rest of the country because they want to IMPOSE their religion on the rest of us.

Let’s start off with the most foolish complaint that most of them have. They immediately want to get offended when people say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” Well, excuse me Mr. Sensitive, but some of us don’t share your religion and don’t care to popularize it, while offending other people who don’t follow your religion. By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, the people in this country who are not following your religion is rising. Maybe that is occurring because you people are taking offense at the smallest things instead of following the strictures you are called to abide by perhaps.

You do realize that there are many celebrations during this time of the year that aren’t Christian? Just for starters, there is Yule, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and the Winter Solstice. And in case you forgot, Santa Clause and all those reindeer have absolutely nothing to do with your Christian holiday. It is called the holiday season for a reason, and yours aren’t the only ones that exist.

However, the outrage continues much further. Some of which I sort of understand, and some I don’t. Christians being upset at a zombie nativity scene are justified in my book. Asking him to remove it, isn’t. A town suing a family for their massive light extravaganza during Christmas to raise money for charity, might have more reasons than just a war on Christmas. Of course, the right-wing media doesn’t want to portray it that way. Still, it seems in poor taste for the city to be doing that. But to punch a woman for saying, “happy holidays” is just wrong.

As far as outrage goes one of the most famous has to be the one about the Starbucks red holiday cups. A former Arizona Evangelical preacher had a post on Facebook claiming how evil the company was for taking Christmas off their cups. His rant went viral and he asked his followers to tell the baristas their names were merry Christmas so they would have to put it on the cups. The thing is, Starbucks has never put Merry Christmas on any of their holiday cups before, so this year’s cups were nothing new. Just another instance of someone being outraged at nothing.

Then, of course, we come to the biggest foolishness possible. A member of Congress has decided that the war on Christmas has gone on long enough so he has taken it upon himself to craft a bill to make sure that God and Christmas should never be prohibited in civic dialogue. I’m pretty sure this goes against the intent of the First Amendment, but it will probably pass because, “there’s this imagined war on Christmas.”

Well, let me tell you something. You aren’t being marginalized. The war is only in your mind. If there really were a war, you would start to be prohibited around the country from celebrating your religion and holidays: not just Christmas. Look around, that ain’t happening. In fact, Idaho even wants to make Christianity the state religion. Until states or the federal government start doing something serious against your religion you need to just shut up about your imagined little war. No one is hurting you except yourselves. No one is throwing you to the lions. No one is persecuting you. And no one is nailing you to trees until you die.

Poor Richard Jr.

Poor Richard Jr. is a college graduate with two degrees and more than thirty years writing experience who lives in the middle of somewhere, America. Inspired by some of the ideals and principles of the founding fathers, he wants to rejuvenate the country and bring about a more modern and equal society.