Yes, Trump, That’s All There Is

Strong, smart, resistant, and relentless. Works for me.

Donald Trump’s tweet in response to President Obama’s address to the nation last night about terrorism asked, “Is that all there is? We need a new president – FAST!”

Yes, Donald, that’s all there is because that’s all there needs to be. The tactics taken are measured. MEASURED, Donald, you know, like with some forethought and intelligence. From what I understand, America isn’t sitting on the sidelines doing nothing. There are nations working together to combat terrorism, and President Obama stressed that our approach is “to be strong, smart, resistant, and relentless.”

That sounds good to me. Much better than thousands of our citizens going to back into battle to fight an ideology that has festered in one form or another for thousands of years. A measured tactical approach is far more palatable and less expensive than another damn ground war. I speak as a mother whose son returned from a year in Iraq, but not as the person he was before the war.

I kinda like the idea of going after terrorists’ revenue sources, communication systems, weapons, and temporary command centers. Let’s squeeze and scatter them. That’s far better than having hundreds or thousands of soldiers from coalition forces returning home in body bags.

ISIS is a kind of cancer, Donald, just like your brand of bullying fascism. Destroying such cancers takes more than your shoot-from-the-hip-blowhard-bully approach. It takes time, and the sad probability is that once “defeated,” another group will arise from the bowels of religious or nationalistic extremism somewhere in the world. Ah…the sad lot of humanity. We fail to learn from history and seem doomed to repeatedly slaughter each other. It is what it is.

So yes. This is all there is and many of us are content with that. I respect the fact that President Obama is trying to avoid sending us into another senseless and full-blown ground combat war. He will not leave the next president with a shitload of war debt to clean up and families paralyzed with never-ending grief.

Strong, smart, resistant, and relentless. Works for me. Carry on, Mr. President.

J.J. Mummert lives and writes in Columbia, Missouri. Her background includes teaching and managerial experience in higher education. Her blogs include commentary about life and society at and at
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