Not Morally Obligated, Donald?

Not Morally Obligated, Donald?

Here’s what I’m hoping. I’m hoping that Trump’s assertion that he is not morally obligated to defend President Obama against claims of being a Muslim will fester for a while with the media and the public. Why? Because the key words here are “morally obligated.”

Obama has confirmed his citizenship and, like all of us, is free to participate in whatever religion he chooses. Last I heard, it was one of the many Christian denominations. Why on Earth would any American not feel morally obligated to confirm a simple truth to an idiot American yahoo questioner? McCain did. Christie, Graham, and Bush claim they would.

In an ideal world, all presidential candidates are morally obligated to defend what is generally believed to be true. But it’s not an ideal world, and here we are, already deeply embroiled in presidential election antics. Instead of correcting an untruth, Trump deflects to a non-response so as not to lose the support of right extremists who currently see him as a knight in blond armor. Then there are Santorum and Cruz doing a side-stepping tiptoe dance so as not to confront our latest “king of outrageous political comedy,” and Jindal who stated that it is “not a candidate’s role to correct a questioner.” Wimps.

Candidates for the presidency of the United States are morally obligated to defend truth when a lie is blatantly espoused at political venues that garner mass media coverage. To not do so should make the rest of us doubt that person’s ability to fairly represent what is true and good and decent in the rest of us.

According to CNN, Trump responded Saturday with: “If I would have challenged the man, the media would have accused me of interfering with the man’s right of free speech.” Garbage, Mr. Trump. You passed up a huge, and I mean HUGE, opportunity for the world to see some moral character in your own person-hood.

Instead, most of us are left to our moans and groans as you go on to deflect the issue with the statement, “The bigger issue is that Obama is waging a war against Christians in this country.” This makes me want to reach for bourbon at 7 a.m. instead of coffee. Is this an event that you feel morally obligated to share with the world based on data and specific incidences?  If so, please proceed.

I have to wonder, Mr. Trump.  How, exactly, do you define “moral obligation?”  Is it the skill of belittling others?  The tactic of fueling fear where there isn’t any real fire?  The duty of self-promotion, savvy businessman that you are?  I’m just curious.

J.J. Mummert

J.J. Mummert lives and writes in Columbia, Missouri. Her background includes teaching and managerial experience in higher education. Her blogs include commentary about life and society at and at