An Open Letter From An American To The People Of Iran

An Open Letter From An American To The People Of Iran

Dear Iranians,

I do not know you, or even that much about your nation. I know little about your history, your religion and your way of life, but I imagine you have some good things going on. And that is exactly why I am relieved that Congressional Democrats in my country have come together to support our two nations’ nuclear deal.

With my whole being, I do not want to be involved in any function in a war that will harm you. The decades-long conflict between our two nations is wholly between our political classes, and frankly I do not see how bombing your nation would ameliorate global stability in any capacity. Your nation would be much more wounded than mine, and the subsequent summertime-soldier mentality of neoconservatives who will not pay any price for sacrificing some American lives to end many Iranian lives is a part of American political culture for which I am patriotically ashamed.

So hurrah for peace! Of course the deal is far from cemented, and my country’s Republican Party has vowed to go against international law and undo the deal, but hopefully our nations can listen, communicate, and collaborate for a better world. However, America so far is keeping its promises, so the onus is on your government to stick to their promises and not arms-race for nukes.

But, hey, getting this far to an actual agreement has been momentous, and if together we can keep our political classes accountable and focused on peaceful, diplomatic solutions to their invented foreign policy crises, maybe we won’t all suffer and die from unnecessary war!


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Levi Olson

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