Fox News’ Eric Bolling Tells Other GOP Pundits That They Need To Kiss Donald Trump’s Ass

Fox News’ Eric Bolling Tells Other GOP Pundits That They Need To Kiss Donald Trump’s Ass

One thing that has become apparent since sentient shag carpet Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the White House is that Fox News pundit Eric Bolling has become one of his de facto publicists. Over the past month, the regular host of The Five has used the show, along with Saturday morning’s Cashin’ In, as a platform to openly advocate for a Trump presidency. Now, perhaps Bolling is hoping that Trump will actually get elected and give him a spot in his administration, or he thinks kissing some Donald ass will benefit him in the long run with an appearance on a reality show or something. Regardless, there has not been a bigger champion of Trump’s than Bolling.

During Friday’s broadcast of The Five, Bolling condemned other conservative pundits who have criticized The Donald and his campaign. This came after a news segment¬†where Jedediah Bila highlighted some of the knocks many on the right have made against Trump, which include that he was for single-payer healthcare, pushed for high taxes on wealth and was a supporter of Hillary and Bill Clinton. Bolling claimed that everyone already knows this (do they?) and that it doesn’t even matter because he’s speaking truth to power or something.

At that point, Bolling then excoriated all the GOPers who haven’t jumped on board the Trump bandwagon. In his opinion, the problem isn’t Trump. Nope, it is “collective progressivism.” Essentially, Republicans have to join hands and support a thin-skinned buffoon who lashes out like a spoiled child anytime someone says anything bad about him all for the sake of crushing unions and killing Obamacare. And, also, because Bolling really, really, REALLY likes the Trumpster.

The rest of the segment featured Juan Williams not understanding what Bolling was trying to convey, Bila praising Trump for acting like an asshole on Twitter and Bolling getting out the Chap Stick and slobbing Trump’s knob a little bit more. In other words, just another episode of The Five.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:



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