Fox News Says People Calling For Boycotts Of Donald Trump’s Merchandise Are “Terrorists”

On Fox's 'The Five,' Eric Bolling claimed that those who are calling for boycotts of Trump products are "economic terrorists."

You know, if you are going to go say something outlandishly inappropriate, you might as well go all the way. During Thursday’s broadcast of Fox News’ The Five, pretend tough guy Eric Bolling stated that the recent calls to boycott any merchandise or products sold by Donald Trump’s companies is equivalent to terrorism. Bolling’s comments came on the heels of fellow blowhard Greg Gutfeld calling New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio an “ass” who is “45% crack” and a “barnacle” who leeches onto the successes of men like Trump.

The segment began with the show’s eye candy for lecherous old guys, Kimberly Guilfoyle, giving a breakdown of the controversy over Trump’s comments about Mexicans, which has been replayed a gazillion times by now. She then noted that de Blasio had stated that he would look into the city’s dealings with Trump and see if they needed to be revisited. This led to Gutfeld going on a mini-rant about how de Blasio can’t do in a thousand lifetimes the amount of positive stuff Trump has done for NYC in one year while also spewing some nonsense about how progressives can only exist because captains of industry like Trump allow them the infrastructure in which to do their damage.

Once Greg got his blood pumping and his saliva glands flowing over the singular awesomeness of Trump, especially compared to that piece of communist shit de Blasio, Guilfoyle and Bolling jumped right in with some group action. Besides labeling those calling for boycotts of Trump “economic terrorists,” Bolling repeated Gutfeld’s claims that Trump is a superman when it comes to doing goodwill for the city of New York. Guilfoyle also chimed in with some hate for the mayor and unabashed adoration for The Donald.

Remember, folks, we are still talking about an actual Presidential candidate who is currently so toxic that networks and businesses are tripping over themselves running away from him. Despite the fact that at his campaign announcement he claimed most of the Mexicans coming to our country are rapists and drug dealers, and are being sent here by the Mexican government, one cable channel has decided that he is worth defending tooth and nail. Beyond that, the man who is a legitimate GOP White House candidate was also a reality TV star who created the catchphrase “You’re fired!” This is actually a thing that is going on right now in this country.

I wonder how these conservative talking heads are going to feel about sucking Trump off and proclaiming him a breath of fresh air when he inevitably decides to drop out of the race. Will they remember how much credibility they attempted to give this buffoon? Will they like to revisit moments like this where they looked even more foolish than they typically do on a normal ol’ Thursday?

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:


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