Draft Dodger Donald Trump On John McCain: “He Was A War Hero Because He Was Captured”

Draft Dodger Donald Trump On John McCain: “He Was A War Hero Because He Was Captured”

Donald Trump may have finally found the line that can’t be crossed with Republican voters, politicians and pundits. During an interview at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa on Saturday, the thrice-married plutocrat decided to continue his feud with former GOP Presidential nominee and Vietnam War prisoner of war John McCain. After McCain had criticized Trump for appealing to the “crazies,” Trump countered by calling McCain a “dummy” by bringing up his graduation ranking at the Naval Academy. The Trumpster took it even further Saturday.

While on stage at the summit, Trump said the following:

“He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

It should be pointed out that while McCain was shot down over Vietnam and spent nearly six years in captivity in a North Vietnamese prison that was infamously known as the ‘Hanoi Hilton,’ Trump avoided the war altogether by getting four student deferments in the 1960s. Therefore, you have a draft dodger criticizing the service of a man who spent years being tortured by the enemy, all for the sake of continuing a Twitter feud and to show he ‘tells it like it is.’

Well, the reaction to Trump’s comments was swift and harsh on Saturday. While many conservatives loved Trump for his xenophobic and racist comments about Mexicans and immigrants, calling out a war hero while you yourself avoided serving is a bridge too far for Republicans.


  Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. McCain, also commented on Twitter.  


Meanwhile, the popcorn was being eaten with delight by others at Trump finally saying something that even die-hard right-wingers will not support.


It was inevitable that Trump was going to finally say something that even made his Mexican-hating defenders go, “Whoa there, pardner!” This is it. It will be great to see how he deals with this going forward.

Justin Baragona

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