Joe Scarborough: Guys Shouldn’t Hit Girls, But Especially If They Are Blonde White Women

The 'Morning Joe' host discussed FSU quarterback De'Andre Johnson striking a woman at a bar and seemed more concerned because she's blonde and white.

During a couple of different segments on Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough seemingly put blonde white girls on a pedestal above all others when he wondered why recently dismissed FSU quarterback De’Andre Johnson thought he could get away with punching a “blonde woman” last month at a bar. Scarborough also referenced former Seminoles QB Jameis Winston and his legal troubles involving a white blonde female, apparently making the case that the school’s football culture has created a permissiveness that allows black football players to abuse blonde chicks.

Early on in the show, Joe brought up the incident with the panel and asked them the following question: “What about the culture that would have a guy think he could get away with punching a blonde woman, like the, ummm, you know, ummm, the other alleged victim at the bar?” The way in which Joe emphasized “blonde woman” made it appear that he believed that this crime was far worse because of the victim’s appearance and race. Basically, JoeScar was pushing the notion that blondes are the most privileged of all women, and fuck all those brunettes, redheads, black women and anyone else that doesn’t fit that ideal female image.

Sure, it is possible that Joe just chose his words poorly and didn’t mean to infer that blondes should be afforded more protection and privilege than other women. Except, of course, Joe went there AGAIN later in the show. During a lengthy segment on college sports culture and how this latest incident speaks to it, Scarborough reiterated that Johnson hit a blonde woman.

Below is video of the second segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



Yeah, hard to play it off as a coincidence after the second uttering. It seems Joe is mortified at the thought of black dudes striking fair-skinned, yellow-haired college chicks, and really wonders if this is a “cultural” thing. And by culture, he likely isn’t thinking just college sports.

Anyway, after Gawker ran a story about Scarborough on Tuesday afternoon, Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch sent out the following tweet.


Good advice. At the very least, Joe might want to take the rest of the week off. Knowing Joe, he will likely try to defend himself from the haters and critics who are taking his words out of context or prescribing a different meaning behind them, and he will want to go off on one of his trademarked self-righteous rants. If he just sits a couple of plays out and doesn’t respond, he won’t need to worry about it becoming bigger than what it is now, which is just him showing his ass.

Just let it go, Joe. Let it go. If you try to expand on this, it isn’t going to end well for you.

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