Joe Scarborough: Southern Black Voters ‘Can’t Take Chances on Esoteric Theories’ Like Sanders’

Joe Scarborough: Southern Black Voters ‘Can’t Take Chances on Esoteric Theories’ Like Sanders’

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough spoke to Professor of African American Studies Eddie Glaude Jr. on Thursday about why African American voters in southern states had opted for former Vice President Joe Biden over Senator Bernie Sanders. Glaude and the Morning Joe host agreed that black voters weren’t willing to take risks.

“There’s a sense in which a lot of black folk, there are some who support Joe Biden but there are a lot of black folk who don’t trust white America to vote for a progressive,” Glaude said.

“So in some ways the idea of getting Trump out of office requires a kind of safe bet that this person will be, this person will beat Trump, but then there’s this thing.”

Glaude went on to speculate about how the Democratic Part would approach African Americans, citing the infamous Clinton crime bill and presidential advisor Dick Morris.

“The black vote is the center and the heart of Democratic Party,” Scarborough said.

“Nobody can say who the future of the Democratic Party is until black voters say who the future of the Democratic Party is, and I don’t know that black voters going in on Super Tuesday were asking themselves about Dick Morris and triangulation or the crime bill or stop and frisk.”

“I think they were asking the same question that a lot of other Democrats are asking. Wait a second. OK. Who has a better chance of beating Donald Trump? The guy who’s still running around defending Fidel Castro’s programs? In Cuba. His literacy programs in Cuba. Still defending the Sandinistas, still defending the Soviets, talking about their glittering subways?”

“Because you see, here’s the thing about blacks in the South. They live in the South. They know the history of the South. They know that Republicans dominate the South, and they know that unlike liberals on the upper east side of Manhattan or in Cambridge, Massachusetts, they can’t take chances on esoteric theories. It’s hardball politics, and they gotta get the guy, or the woman, who can stop Donald Trump dead in their tracks.”

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Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor