Trump Tells ‘Fox & Friends’ the DNC Refused to Give the FBI the Non-Existent Server from Ukraine Conspiracy Theory

Trump Tells ‘Fox & Friends’ the DNC Refused to Give the FBI the Non-Existent Server from Ukraine Conspiracy Theory

President Donald Trump phoned into Fox & Friends on Friday morning for the first time in a long while and used the interview to rail against his opponents and spread unfounded conspiracy theories. In particular, Trump repeated the false claim that there is server belonging to the Democratic National Committee in Ukraine.

Trump accused senior officials in the Obama administration of spying on his campaign before launching into the Ukraine server conspiracy, which impeachment witness Fiona Hill warned Congress about on Thursday.

“They wrote up the phony, fake dossier, the disgusting fake dossier,” Trump said. “Just to show you how incompetent they were, they spent millions and millions of dollars. Hillary Clinton paid for it, and the Democrats. A lot had to do, they say, with Ukraine. It’s very interesting, it’s very interesting. They have the server from the DNC. Democratic National Committee.”

“Who has the server?” Fox’s Brian Kilmeade asked.

“The FBI came in and they told them get out of here. We’re not giving it to you,” Trump said. “They gave the server to Cloudstrike or whatever it’s called, which a company owned by a very wealthy Ukrainian. And I still want to see the server. You know the FBI’s never gotten that server. That’s a big part of this whole thing. Why did they give it to a Ukrainian company?”

“Are you sure they gave it to Ukraine?” co-host Steve Doocy asked.

“That’s what the word is,” Trump said. “That’s what I asked, actually, in my phone call, as you know. I asked it very point blank because ’re looking for corruption, this tremendous corruption. Why should we be giving hundreds of millions of dollars to countries when there is this kind of corruption? If you look at my call, I said, you know, corruption. I think he said it to me. He’s looking. He got elected on the basis of corruption.”

The server Trump is referring to does not exist. There is no evidence to support the conspiracy that any DNC server ended up in Ukraine. Moreover, all U.S. intelligence agencies agree that Russia hacked the DNC in 2016.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor