‘Fox & Friends’ Advise Trump on Today’s Impeachment Hearing: ‘Don’t Tweet During It’

‘Fox & Friends’ Advise Trump on Today’s Impeachment Hearing: ‘Don’t Tweet During It’

The hosts of Fox & Friends have given President Donald Trump some advice ahead of Tuesday’s public impeachment hearings, which will likely go badly for the President. Fox & Friends is widely regarded as Trump’s favorite morning show and the hosts took the opportunity to speak directly to him.

“I just think overall, the President should just ignore this whole thing,” Brain Kilmeade said.

“Don’t tweet during it. Don’t get outraged over it. It ticks you off. And I think there’s so much for him to do, I think, just let these guys like Doug Collins and company fight out and keep it on the straight and narrow from the Republican perspective” he said.

Kilmeade’s advice may be sound. During the last public impeachment hearing, Trump tweeted about the witness, Ambassador Marie Yovanovotich. Chairman Adam Schiff read the tweet in the hearing just moments after Trump sent it and accused the President of witness intimidation.

Even Fox News analysts were concerned by Trump’s Yovanovitch tweet and it would certainly be in the President’s interests to avoid a repeat of the incident.

However, the temptation to tweet while the impeachment hearings go on may be too much for the President, especially considering that today’s testimony is expected to be a serious blow to Trump and his defense of his actions.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.