Trump Has Discussed Returning to TV After the White House With ‘Apprentice’ Creator Mark Burnett

Trump Has Discussed Returning to TV After the White House With ‘Apprentice’ Creator Mark Burnett

President Donald Trump has discussed returning to TV with the producer of his old show, The Apprentice, according to a new report from The Daily Beast. Trump has reportedly spoken to Mark Burnett, who created the show that helped boost Trump’s fame, about TV projects when his presidency ends.

The Daily Beast spoke to three people with knowledge of the matter who said that Burnett and Trump have occasionally spoken over the phone.

“The pair remain friends, these sources say, and have discussed reviving their creative partnership, pitching each other details on potential TV projects to be filmed after the Trump presidency,” the report says.

One of the ideas for a new show is The Apprentice: White House, which would presumably follow the apprentice format but would reportedly focus on politics and exploit Trump’s status as a former president and Republican grandee.

“There have been several discussions between Burnett and Trump about The Apprentice: White House,” a source told The Daily Beast. “It is something Burnett thinks could be a money-spinner and Trump is very keen on doing.”

The discussions appear to have been perfunctory and a spokesperson for Burnett denied that the conversations had taken place.

“The quoted statements attributed to Mr. Burnett are absolutely false. Among other things, The President and Mr. Burnett have not discussed making television shows in any shape or form,” Burnett’s spokesperson said.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.