George Conway: White House Impeachment Letter Is ‘Trash’ Attempt to Hide ‘Damning Evidence’

George Conway: White House Impeachment Letter Is ‘Trash’ Attempt to Hide ‘Damning Evidence’

Conservative lawyer George Conway has shredded the White House counsel’s letter on impeachment. Conway, who is married to Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, told Preet Bharara’s podcast that the administration’s attempts to stonewall Congress were not legitimate.

“This was trash,” Conway said. “Basically the thrust of it is that there are some kind of constitutional obligations that the House has failed to meet that therefore render its impeachment inquiry illegitimate and unconstitutional, which is complete nonsense, because all the Constitution says is that the House has the sole power over impeachment. It completely vests the power of impeachment in the House, and the House gets to decide how to go about doing that.”

“All the House has to do, at the end of the day, is, by majority vote, vote out a bill of impeachment, which is essentially an indictment. And because it’s just essentially an indictment, they don’t have to conduct hearings at all. They don’t have to hear witnesses at all. And they don’t have to give anybody the right to cross-examine those witnesses. It’s garbage.”

Conway went on to say that if the House did hold hearings, Republicans in Congress would exploit them to defend the President.

“It wouldn’t be wise for them not to conduct hearings, but they’re under no obligation to allow the President to participate, and there are Republican members of these committees who can ask questions if they do have witnesses.”

“And there’s no question that those Republican members are going to be carrying the President’s water. So it’s just, you know, it’s just an excuse to prevent evidence, damning evidence from reaching the public.”

Discussing Republicans who continue to support Trump, Conway had some advice.

“I think the calculation they should be making is he’s going to be gone at some point, and there’s going to be a reckoning,” Conway said.

“And history isn’t going to be kind to people who said nothing or stood up for Trump. But that said, even if you don’t believe in that, it’s clear that they’re not sure which way to go. And if you aren’t sure which way to go, why not just do the right thing?”

Bharara asked Conway if people in Trump’s inner circle should quit. Bearing in mind that his wife is part of that inner circle, his answer is telling.

“If you can’t have a positive effect on him, and I don’t think anybody can, yeah,” Conway said.

Listen to Conway’s remarks above, via CNN.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor