Fox Competitor OANN Runs Segment About Trump Attacking Fox News

Fox Competitor OANN Runs Segment About Trump Attacking Fox News

One America News Network (OANN and also OAN) ran a news story during its 7am hour on Tuesday about President Donald Trump attacking Fox News. OANN is attempting to compete with Fox News for the same audience and is stridently pro-Trump.

Trump has launched some attacks on Fox News recently, especially in relation to polls he didn’t like and guests who criticized him. He has also praised OANN, which the network has been keen to promote. In Tuesday’s brief segment, the OANN report failed to point out that Fox News is heavily weighted in Trump’s favor.

“President Trump once again takes aim at the m mainstream media citing it as his campaign’s biggest obstacle,” the report began, going on to show Trump criticizing major media outlets. His remarks have already been widely reported.

Trump name checked CNN and NBC but oddly the OANN report said: “Although the President did not name a specific media outlet, this comes just days after he criticized Fox News for publishing a, quote, ‘phoney 2020 election poll.'”

The framing of the story was clearly intended to show that Trump was souring on Fox News. Trump has levied much more criticism at other networks, but OANN is competing directly with Fox, making it clear why they presented Trump’s remarks in this way.

“Earlier this month the President also bashed Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, saying he’s worse than CNN” the report went on. “He also added, whenever possible, he turns to OAN.”

Trump has praised OANN in the past and this is exactly what the right-wing network needs to compete with the more polished and well-established Fox News.

Watch the video above, via OANN.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.