WaPo’s Eugene Robinson: The White House Is ‘In Panic’, Trump’s Campaign Is ‘Going Down The Tubes’

WaPo’s Eugene Robinson: The White House Is ‘In Panic’, Trump’s Campaign Is ‘Going Down The Tubes’

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is not going well, at least according to the Washington Post‘s Eugene Robinson. Speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Robinson described a White House in chaos as new polls show Trump trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in a 2020 match-up.

“Voters also were asked who would win in a potential 2020 match-up with President Trump and some of those Democratic candidates,” regular contributor Willie Geist said.

“Biden came out as the clear winner with 50% saying they would back his run against Donald Trump, 38% said they would vote for President Trump in that hypothetical match-up. Voters who had a negative view of both Trump and Biden still backed Biden by 43-10% margin in the head to head match-up and President Trump is polling below several other democratic challengers as well.”

“Getting pounded,” host Joe Scarborough said. “And Gene Robinson, it seems to me that if you’re inside the White House and you’re looking at the numbers, the one that’s most concerning is a question of who are you gonna to vote for if you have a negative opinion of both Biden and Trump?”

“That is of course, Donald Trump won with a 38% approval rating on election day in 2016 but of course it’s a lot different being the challenger than being the incumbent. He’s the incumbent now and is not getting the benefit of the doubt from hardly anyone.”

“No, he’s not,” Robinson said. “And Joe Biden is not as unpopular among some voters as Hillary Clinton was. That’s how Donald Trump got elected in large part a lot of voters didn’t like Hillary Clinton for — you know, for a variety of reasons, whatever reasons and then of course there was the thing about, you know, her infamous emails.”

“But those are awful numbers for President Trump across the board, really. And you look at these new numbers, look at polling from the Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, the states that he took and he looks bad in those states and you look at what’s happening with the economy. And the markets tumbled this week and the fears of a recession.”

“And you’ve got a president and a White House that is justifiably in panic over all of this,” Robinson said. “And it’s unclear whether they’re going to respond in any sort of rational way, but they will have to respond because this is a — This looks like a campaign going down the tubes right now.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

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