Judith Miller Stymies Fox’s Lisa Boothe by Criticizing Trump’s Incendiary Rhetoric About Immigrants

Judith Miller Stymies Fox’s Lisa Boothe by Criticizing Trump’s Incendiary Rhetoric About Immigrants

Judith Miller just blew Lisa Boothe’s mind.

The Fox News host seemed scandalized when the former New York Times reporter, a normally reliably friendly voice, agreed with Joe Biden on that President Trump’s rhetoric about undocumented immigrants is entirely too incendiary and fair game for criticism:

“When a president talks about a Mexican invasion, when he categorizes Mexicans as criminals and rapists, when the shooter actually used the same word of invastion, Hispanic invasion, in his posting, that is fair game.”

This set Boothe off, because someone has to defend Donald Trump’s honor:

“But then by your same logic, would you lay his Dayton shooting at the feet of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren? Or Antifa or socialists? That is the logical conclusion that you would draw if you are laying the blame of the El Paso shooting at President Trump’s feet…He also has obscure positions on climate change, saying that we need to reduce the amount of people here in the world for the climate. So I think trying to somehow make sense of these killers who clearly have something wrong with them is a disturbing trend.”

Miller and the hosts of America’s Newsroom did not push back much, but there are a couple of obvious answers they could have thrown at Boothe.

The first, as has been pointed out ad nauseum, is that the El Paso shooter’s act was directly motivated by his anti-immigrant politics. While the Dayton shooter’s motivation is still being investigated, it appears to have been directly motivated by his own personal grievances, not by any obvious leftist politics that he might have heard Warren or Sanders talk about.

The second point is that there is nothing inconsistent between the El Paso shooter’s obsessions with both the environment and Hispanic immigration. As Vox’s Jane Coaston points out, a preoccupation with immigrants coming into the country and destroying the environment through overpopulation and other methods is a hallmark of white nationalist thinking, along with a belief that immigrants are being deliberately encouraged by corporations to flood the country to deprive whites of the resources they need to reproduce and thrive. Therefore, stopping Hispanic and other immigration is key to preserving natural resources for white people. The man who shot up a mosque in New Zealand a few months ago had similar comments in his own manifesto.

Oh well, if Boothe knew what she was talking about and capable of criticizing Donald Trump. she wouldn’t be a talking head on Fox.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Gary Legum

Gary Legum

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