Guest Tells Joe Scarborough: Democrats Shouldn’t Listen To Joe Scarborough

Guest Tells Joe Scarborough: Democrats Shouldn’t Listen To Joe Scarborough

Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. told Morning Joe viewers Tuesday that they shouldn’t listen to host Joe Scarborough. Specifically, Glaude was explaining that Scarborough and others are wrong about the Democratic Party and wrong to call for more moderation.

“We need to understand that if the Democrats put forward an agenda, an agenda that speaks to those kitchen table issues that cut across race, that we don’t in some ways pay homage to this old kind of logic that is defined the American electorate, where we play to these racial sentiments but really speak to the issues that cut across race, then the Democrats will be successful,” Glaude said

“But if they try to be Republican light once again, the base will not turn out, Joe. They will not turn out. If it’s Republican light again.”

“But Eddie, understand if you take away health insurance from 155 million Americans, the majority of which — you can look at Pew Research that says a majority of those 155 million Americans like their health insurance plans,” Scarborough said.

“If you take that away from them, that has nothing to do with white or black or Hispanic or Asian-American. That is the kitchen table. People talk about Medicare for all – what they’re talking about if it’s in a pure form is taking away private health insurance plans from all Americans regardless of race. 155 million Americans who like it, that’s where Democrats — some might say, need to tread carefully.”

“Joe, I hear what you’re saying but I want to say this really quickly,” Glaude said.

“In 1980 when — 1979, when Ronald Reagan was running and people, George HW Bush said, his economic philosophy was voodoo economics, when people said he was crazy, that he would lead us into a third world war, when all of those folks who were in some ways the ideologues behind the Reagan revolution were listening to folks, moderates within their party and Democrats on the other side, saying this would destroy the economy, it would destroy America, they didn’t pay attention to them.”

“So I’m going to say to those Democrats, we love you, Joe Scarborough, don’t pay attention to you. Just simply put forward that agenda to change the center of gravity of the country and watch what happens.”

Scarborough took the criticism with good humor but still maintained that Democrats should listen to his advice.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor