Fox News Media Analyst: ‘Jim Acosta Should Be Grateful’ to Trump For ‘Raising His Profile’

Fox News Media Analyst: ‘Jim Acosta Should Be Grateful’ to Trump For ‘Raising His Profile’

Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz devoted a segment of his Sunday morning media criticism show MediaBuzz to CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s new book, concluding that the reporter — who has gained fame in recent years due to his clashes with the Trump administration — should personally thank Trump for “raising his profile.”

Sarcastically noting that Acosta is the “hero of his own book,” Kurtz took aim at the CNN correspondent for his “stunning admission” that “neutrality for the sake of neutrality” doesn’t work in the Trump era.

“The chief White House correspondent is saying out loud that Trump is so dangerous that he cannot be neutral, which is another word for fair,” Kurtz said. “And he told Publishers Weekly there aren’t two sides to the story when it is a matter of right and wrong. Right and wrong in the opinion of journalists? Sure!”

After stating that Acosta conceded to grandstanding and showboating, Kurtz said the reporter isn’t owning up to how “obvious disdain for the White House,” showing video of Acosta’s run-ins with the Trump administration, including the interaction with a staffer that resulted in the White House briefly banning Acosta.

“That was amazing to watch,” Kurtz reacted before claiming Acosta benefitted when the White House overreached and pulled his credentials.

“[His credentials] were restored after a lawsuit that was supported by most of the media,” the Fox analyst added. “Prompting Jim to shout, ‘We beat Trump!'”

Kurtz concluded: “Jim Acosta should be grateful to the president who kept calling on him, raising his profile so he could write his book, The Enemy of the People.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

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