‘Morning Joe’: Trump Is A 40% President, Could Win In A Three-Way Race

‘Morning Joe’: Trump Is A 40% President, Could Win In A Three-Way Race

MSNBC’s Morning Joe covered a new poll from Quinnipiac University showing President Donald Trump losing in head-to-head match ups with the major Democratic presidential candidates, in some cases by very large margins. The poll shows Trump’s support is steady but low.

“Joe, if we go back to the head to head matchups, it’s stunning to me, and it has been in all these head to heads over the last several weeks, that Donald Trump is no different against Joe Biden than he is against Kamala Harris or Cory Booker or Mayor Pete or any of the candidates,” Willie Geist said.

“He is a 40% or 41% president.”

“He is,” Joe Scarborough said. “You know, leading up to the midterms, when Democrats were so concerned, everybody was so concerned, it was important to remember that despite all the sound and the fury, despite all the tweets, despite the daily controversies, you had to focus on the fact that Donald Trump was a 40% president.

“That meant 6 in 10 Americans did not agree with Donald Trump and what he was doing in his presidency. That, of course, what did it lead to in the midterms? It led to the biggest vote total rout in the history of the United States of America for Democrats against Republicans.”

“Susan Page, you look at the President here, and he’s sitting at 40%, 41%, 42%. You can go back, you can see everything that he has done. You can see everything that he has said since January 20, 2017, when he did his American carnage speech. And you can see that all of his words and all of his deeds and all of his actions have been focused on one thing, solidifying his base. Well, congratulations, Mr. President. You’ve got 40%. And that’s all you’ve got, right?”

Page broadly agreed with Scarborough’s analysis and went on to speculate about how Trump could win in a presidential election.

“The question is, is that the ceiling?” Page said. “Is 40% or 42% the ceiling for President Trump? Because if your ceiling is 42%, the only way you win the presidency is in a three-way race. Not impossible to have a three-way race. If we have a two-way race, you’re not going to win with 42%”

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.