Conservative Columnist Warns Of ‘Civil Disruptions In The Streets’ If Trump Is Impeached

Conservative Columnist Warns Of ‘Civil Disruptions In The Streets’ If Trump Is Impeached

The conservative media ecosystem must be worried about the threat of impeachment against President Donald Trump, if a Tuesday op-ed in The Washington Times is anything to go by. The Trump-supporting newspaper has published an article by Cheryl K. Chumley warning of serious consequences if Democrats try to impeach Trump.

“[T]here is no way in heaven or hell supporters of President Donald Trump will stand quietly by as Democrats swirl and stomp and sacrifice all that’s law and order and proper and right for their own petty personal political gains,” Chumley writes.

“There will be civil disruptions in the street,” she adds. “Civil disruptions and protest marches and fiery speeches and dramatic confrontations of the stuff and style of Black Lives Matter marches, on steroids.”

Though Chumley is careful not to mention any potential acts of violence that might accompany these ‘disruptions’, she goes on to say that they will bring about ‘lasting changes to a country’s foundation.’ This kind of rhetoric is not unknown among Trump’s hardcore supporters, some of whom have called for a second Revolution.

Chumley’s article even claims that Democrats will surrender their ‘souls to Lucifer’ as they use these disruptions to damage Trump, whose alleged crimes Chumley views as a ‘false narrative’. In increasingly pseudo-religious language, Chumley warns Democrats that Republicans are prepared for the fight and the ‘chaos’.

Articles like Chumley’s are designed to inflame Trump supporters who get their information mostly from the right-wing media bubble, where Trump’s actions are rigorously defended and the Mueller Report is either a plot against the President or completely cleared him. Neither is correct.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.