Fox’s Judge Nap Jokes About Phone Call With Brett Kavanaugh, Kilmeade Questions Freedom Of Speech

Fox’s Judge Nap Jokes About Phone Call With Brett Kavanaugh, Kilmeade Questions Freedom Of Speech

In a bizarre piece of TV, Judge Andrew Napolitano dropped by the Fox & Friends couch Tuesday morning to discuss impending Supreme Court cases. In what should have been a fairly banal segment, unusual exchanges between Napolitano and the co-hosts stand out.

Fox News had been reporting on navy pilots spotting UFOs throughout the morning’s broadcast, clearly something Napolitano had picked up on because the first thing he did was make a joke about it. But the precise nature of the joke added to the strangeness.

“I just got a call from justice Kavanaugh and looking to see a picture of…”

“The UFO!” one of the hosts finished for him, before they all laughed. The hosts at first appeared dead serious when Napolitano said he had heard from Kavanaugh. While the joke itself was harmless and not especially funny, his choice of Kavanaugh is noteworthy. It would be quite a story of a Fox legal analyst were frequently speaking with a Trump-appointed Supreme Court justice.

From there, the segment continued as normal, with Napolitano discussing an important impending case. The issue is whether the government can require people to state their immigration status in the census. The judge was explaining that the First Amendment, which guarantees free speech, may prevent the government from requiring this. Brian Kilmeade wasn’t so sure.

“And keep in mind, too, is you have the right to remain silent or the freedom of speech should be for Americans. These people aren’t in America,” Kilmeade said. Though this sentence was garbled, it was clearly a claim that non-Americans don’t have a right to free speech.

“Actually, freedom of speech is for anybody who interacts with the federal government,  whether an American citizen or not,” Napolitano said.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.