Diamond & Silk Force Correction by Fox & Friends After They Reference Doctored ‘Drunk’ Pelosi Videos

Diamond & Silk Force Correction by Fox & Friends After They Reference Doctored ‘Drunk’ Pelosi Videos

Fox News “personalities” Diamond & Silk forced Fox & Friends into a rare correction Friday morning.

The pro-Trump duo made an appearance on the morning show to holler about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ongoing war of words with the president. While doing so, they launched a couple of smears of Pelosi that appear to be based on a video that was deceptively edited to make it appear the Speaker was slurring her words and couldn’t speak in complete sentences.

“She can’t even form a complete sentence without looking perplexed and confused,” said Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway, to a rousing “Uh-huh” of agreement from Rochelle “Silk” Richardson.

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy noted that Trump had given Pelosi a nickname for the first time on Thursday when he dubbed her “Crazy Nancy.” This led Diamond to answer, “We are all questioning her mental capacity.”

She continued, “She always look like she’s a nonfunctioning alcoholic, and she slurs her words, she’s rambling over her words.”

Diamond chimed in, “She is deteriorating like a snowflake.”

Sometime after the segment ended, Doocy issued a correction. Having not known what Diamond and Silk were talking about with Pelosi, he looked on FoxNews.com and read the headline of a story there to the audience: “‘Manipulated videos of Nancy Pelosi edited to falsely depict her as drunk spread on social media.’ And according to a report from The Washington Post, experts believe the original video was slowed down to 75 percent from the original, and that her pitch was also manipulated in order to present her under the influence.”

He added, “Not a real video. It’s doctored.”

There are actually at least two videos floating around that have been changed to hint at some sort of problem with Pelosi.

Doocy’s correction referred to the first video, which was taken of the speaker at a conference on Wednesday. A second one, taken at her Thursday press conference, was also deceptively edited. It is unclear which ones Diamond and Silk might have been referencing. But both have long been debunked, even before at least one had been retweeted on Thursday night by the president, and various Fox guests had been pushed it throughout the evening.

It took until Friday morning, long after the videos had spread far and wide, for a Fox host to finally issue an on-air correction on the network for at least one of them.

UPDATE: Diamond & Silk almost immediately responded to Doocy:


Watch the video up top, via Fox News.

Gary Legum

Gary Legum

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