Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Warns Seniors They’ll Lose Medicare, Run Out Of Doctors Under Democrats’ Plans

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Warns Seniors They’ll Lose Medicare, Run Out Of Doctors Under Democrats’ Plans

Fox & Friends is a popular morning show among senior citizens and relies heavily on medicine-related advertising, so it may be no surprise that the show’s hosts framed criticism of Democrats’ healthcare plans in terms of seniors’ access to healthcare Wednesday morning.

While Fox News has already spent time scaremongering about Medicare For All, Fox & Friends wanted to show that even more ‘moderate’ Democratic proposals are ‘folly’. Chris Jacobs, CEO of Juniper Research Group, joined the show to criticize Democratic plans. He also has a book to sell.

Jacobs was totally certain what a single payer system would mean.

“The results is people wouldn’t get healthcare,” he said. “The Medicare for America plan that’s portrayed as this moderate alternative, you actually could not buy private healthcare on your own. You could not go to the doctor and say $50, $100 for a checkup. I have the flu, etc. That’s banning private healthcare. That’s getting government in between doctors and patients.”

Ainsley Earhardt seemed confused about what people would do when they were sick, as if it would no longer be possible to go to a doctor, while Jacobs attacked government healthcare plans. Jacobs went on to argue that those sponsoring moderate proposals are simply working towards a single payer system, implying that any Democratic plan should be rejected.

“I think ultimately put doctors and patients back in charge,” Jacobs said. “This plan ultimately would result in thousands of direct primary care physicians being able to close up their practices. We have a physician shortage. We need to be encouraging private healthcare and the practice of medicine not trying to put doctors out of business or under the government’s thumb.”

Brian Kilmeade took the argument a step further, making a somewhat alarmist that seemed clearly aimed at Fox News’ elderly viewers.

“Ask any physician who takes Medicare, they need supplemental to make their fees and make their costs. We are going to run out of doctors, certainly general practitioners and the seniors will actually lose out on Medicare in the long run. This is a folly.”

Several commercials aimed at senior citizens and their medical needs had aired prior to this segment.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor