Tucker Carlson Thinks Social Media Bans Mean Republicans Will Lose ‘Every Single’ Future Election

Tucker Carlson Thinks Social Media Bans Mean Republicans Will Lose ‘Every Single’ Future Election

Are Republicans going to lose every single election in the future if social media companies keep banning some of the party’s most hateful, bigoted mouthpieces?

That seems to be the logic of this segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday. The eponymous host and his guest, attorney Harmeet Dhillon, discussed a couple of recent controversies, including Google refusing to run an ad for the right-wing Claremont Institute and Facebook banning a handful of fringe right-wingers and conspiracy theorists. They then concluded that the social media platform’s actions would have a “chilling” effect on conservatives’ speech.

“Social media, that’s the entire political conversation,” Carlson said. “That’s where it takes place. And if you control the terms, then you control the outcome of the election, don’t you?”

“You will, and Republicans are ignoring this at their peril,” Dhillon replied. “We are going to lose every single election going forwared if we don’t put a stop to this bias.

Dhillon went on to say that companies such as Facebook “are snuffing out people completely. Now, they are snuffing out people who probably you or I don’t necessarily hang out with, listen to or follow or like…They”re testing the waters. Nobody protested when it was Alex Jones. Now they’re not protesting when it’s a few more. And pretty soon it’s going to be people who are closer to you or me.”

It should be noted that the people Facebook recently banned include vicious antisemite Louis Farrakhan and a man so bigoted in Milo Yiannopoulos that he was recently barred from entering Australia because of his “character.”

Members of a sane political party would be perfectly fine with not having people like that using the vast reach of social media to preach to their followers about the virtues of voting Republican. Carlson and Dhillon know they need those voters to win in 2020. So they make it sound as if those bigots are simply one step removed from your average, mainstream Republican. Perhaps they would like to think about that before they start blaming Facebook if Donald Trump loses re-election?

Watch the clip up top, via Fox News.


Gary Legum

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