Fox’s Brian Kilmeade: I Wish Trump Would Phone Putin So They Can Sort Out Venezuela

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade: I Wish Trump Would Phone Putin So They Can Sort Out Venezuela

Fox & Friends discussed the increasingly fraught situation on Venezuela Wednesday morning. President Donald Trump’s favorite morning show talked about the possibility of deploying US troops to the country and praised opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

Fox News’ personality Brian Kilmeade appeared to offer advice directly to President Trump. He acknowledged that Russia had influence in Venezuela and suggested a way to diffuse the crisis. Following a clip of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claiming President Hugo Chavez was planning to flee, Kilmeade weighed in.

“And there’s secretary of state making that stunning news that he was actually on the plane en route to Cuba when he got off the plane because the Russians told him to, who have been – the Russians have been taking the gold out of the country and they’ve been flying troops into the country, a place they obviously don’t belong, along with the Iranians and Cubans,” Kilmeade said.

“This area has been a cancer on the region for at least 10 years. We’ve looked out other way. Hugo Chavez died of cancer. This was his bus driver, heir apparent that he put in place. And he’s been a disaster for that nation.”

“But here’s the thing, I wish the President would pick up the phone and call Vladimir Putin, they obviously get along, and say hey, it’s done.  I know you want to have a foot hold in our hemisphere but the whole Monroe Doctrine is going to go into place, so back out”

They then showed a former general warning that US involvement would be a ‘lose-lose’  but promptly ignored his warning.

“People are wondering if we should get involved, if the US should get involved,” Ainsley Earhardt said. “Abd when we get involved ,do we send troops down there?  heard a debate on this and several people said no. Others were saying yes. But,to his [the general’s] point, if Guaidó does take power the United States, I believe, will have to help him to make sure that the Maduro folks and people who support him don’t try to take over again.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.