#Beckulation Trends After Glenn Beck Floats Baseless Conspiracy Theories on Notre Dame Fire

#Beckulation Trends After Glenn Beck Floats Baseless Conspiracy Theories on Notre Dame Fire

In the wake of the tragic fire that destroyed a large portion of the historic and iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, a number of right-wing media figures began to baselessly speculate that the blaze was an intentionally malicious act, with many implying that it was done by Islamist terrorists. In fact, it got so bad that two Fox News anchors had to dump interviews with their guests over the wild speculation.

During Monday’s broadcast of Blaze TV’s The News and Why it Matters, Glenn Beck apparently decided he was not going to be outdone in the conspiracy-mongering department. Even though French officials are saying that it appears the fire was accidental and nothing currently points to it being done intentionally, Beck floated baseless conspiracy theories in which he pointed the finger at Muslims and a government coverup.

“If this was arson, this is going to be bad,” Beck said, setting the scene.

“If this was arson of any foreign entity, anybody with a grudge, I think if — if, and this is a huge if — it might have just been started by a cigarette,” he continued. “We don’t know. But if this was started by Islamists, I don’t think you’ll find out about it, because I think it would set the entire country on fire.”

A bit later, Beck went on to compare the church fire — a fire that so far has not resulted in any deaths — was France’s “World Trade Center moment” while again speculating that if it were done by terrorists “that they will keep it quiet, because I just don’t think [President Emannuel] Macron and France wants that internal fight.”

By Tuesday morning, Beck found himself on the receiving end of mockery and ridicule for going full chalkboard in tossing out the conspiracies. And, eventually, the hashtag #Beckulation began trending on Twitter, revolving around baseless accusations of Beck that can’t be proven (or unproven).

Historian Kevin Kruse really got it going when he tweeted: “If Glenn Beck eats puppies for breakfast, I don’t think you’ll find out about it.” #Beckulation

He soon received hundreds of responses and over 10,000 likes by time of publication.

And other users embraced it to send out their own #Beckulations:

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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