Lara Logan Goes On Fox News To Slam Mainstream Media For Propaganda And Collusion

Lara Logan Goes On Fox News To Slam Mainstream Media For Propaganda And Collusion

Viewers of Fox & Friends were told that practically all other media outlets are coordinating with each other to deliver a constant stream of anti-Trump propaganda. Former CBS journalist Lara Logan joined Fox News Tuesday morning to discuss what amounted to a conspiracy theory about a network of propaganda outlets.

The hosts asked Logan what she thought about the so-called ‘collusion delusion’ – the idea that mainstream media outlets pushed the false idea that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. The full Special Counsel’s report has not yet been released and does not exonerate the President of obstruction of justice.

“You know, if this was just about human beings and our frailties, then I guess I would be disappointed, right? But to me, Brian [Kilmeade]. this is just indicative of the propaganda – the organized propaganda that’s behind all of this. It seems to me that so many journalists don’t even know that they are pushing a narrative that was pushed on to them and they did it, a lot of the, it happened so successfully because they didn’t bother to do their jobs didn’t bother to do the most basic journalism. And what you are seeing now with more propaganda being pushed and people not standing up and owning their mistakes is, to me, that’s a sign that this really is an organized propaganda effort.”

Fox News host Steve Doocy discussed a recent interview between a Rolling Stone and a Vox journalist, in which they discussed the media coverage of the Russian collusion story. While the conclusions drawn in the interview may not be shared by all mainstream journalists, Fox & Friends pushed it all morning. In the story, the journalists say that the emotional reaction and shock at Trump’s victory helped drive the narrative.

“That in itself is a form of propaganda, right?” Logan said. “If you look at strategic document for Media Matters  for America, which is the most powerful propaganda organization in this country, and they describe themselves as a propaganda organization. That’s what they do. They pretend that they’re about good journalism. There’s no propaganda organization that’s looking for good journalism. They’re pushing their  agenda.”

“And in it, one of their main pillars of their strategy is to make sure that Donald Trump is seen as the most unpopular president in history. They push all this idea of collusion and an endless stream of breaking news stories that suggest corruption and dishonesty and et cetera, et cetera. So what they found is fertile ground, right, for these talking points and propaganda points to grow. It doesn’t just happen because journalists are upset. They are being manipulated and deceived, some of them are willing, some of them are political operatives themselves.”

Logan went on for some time as the Fox & Friends hosts sat in silence. She then suggested that there could be coordination between various media outlets.

“Who are these propagandists? Who’s driving them? Who is paying for them? You know, the Clinton campaign paid for the Fusion GPS to do the document that smeared Donald Trump and actually you had Americans go to Russia and meet with FSB agents. These are people working for Vladimir Putin they made this document on the basis of that they violated the rights of American citizens, the right to privacy. They spied on American citizens. Actually, during a presidential campaign.”

“And not just people on the right, what about Bernie Sanders? The Bernie Sanders campaign, I know, confirmed to other journalists that I know that they knew they were spied upon. But they have been silent about it. Why? Why are you silent about that? If you really believe in this country and you believe in protecting the institutions of democracy why are you silent about those abuses and the laws that have been broken. Where are the journalists doing real reporting now about how this really happened? And it’s no excuse just because you agree with it, right, or you are upset. That’s pathetic.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor