D.C. McAllister Fired By ‘The Federalist’ Following Late-Night Homophobic Tweetstorm

D.C. McAllister Fired By ‘The Federalist’ Following Late-Night Homophobic Tweetstorm

Days after conservative columnist D.C. McAllister became the subject of an instant online meme after The View’s Meghan McCain clapped back at her, McCain’s husband made it known that McAllister no longer worked for his company anymore.

McAllister’s departure, however, wasn’t due to her McCain criticism, but related to her homophobic attacks on a gay journalist.

Just to recap, McAllister tweeted Friday night that she attempted to talk to her husband during the North Carolina NCAA tournament game, only for her husband to tell her: “Woman, you know better than this. The game is on.”

“He’s right. I slipped,” she added, noting that after the commercial, she fetched him a beer and he gave her a deep kiss, informing women that the lesson was all about “patience and timing.”

On Saturday, journalist Yashar Ali commented on the tweet, saying ‘Oh Denise” with a sad face emoji:

This prompted McAllister to unleash a series of increasingly offensive and disgusting tweets about Yashar, who is gay.

After saying it was “sad” and “pathetic” that a gay man was “commenting on a heterosexual relationship,” the far-right writer took it to another level.

“I think @yashar has a crush on me,” she said in one tweet. “Maybe I’m making him doubt his love of penis.”

In another tweet, she added: “He doesn’t know his purpose as a man. He doesn’t know his purpose as a human being. He doesn’t know his purpose as an Individual. So he wallows and tries to find himself in another man’s asshole. Sad.”

That series of tweets caused widespread outrage across the ideological spectrum, causing McAllister to lash out at her conservative critics.

McAllister claimed that she quit as a contributor for The Daily Wire after editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro contacted her and told her she was “no longer welcome.”

She also played the victim in the wake of the criticism she received.

“I have defensed (sic) masculinity & have been ridiculed for it,” she wrote. “Maligned for loving my husband as a man & celebrating my role as a woman. Yet I’m the devil in the eyes of many. I criticize a gay man who dares to mock my relationship. And I’m the devil. You do see how fucked up this is.”

Eventually, Yashar Ali reacted on Twitter, stating that he’s “always been proud of who I am” and “wouldn’t change who I am for the world.”

The founder and publisher of The Federalist, Ben Domenech, eventually weighed in, noting that McAllister no longer worked at The Federalist.

McAllister, meanwhile, made sure to get the last word in.

“I was fired when I criticized a gay man who mocked my heterosexual relationship,” she tweeted. “Yet no one defended me when I stood for masculinity and God’s design for sexuality despite outlets saying they represent Judeo-Christian values about sexuality, identity and purpose. What is truth?”

McAllister also immediately took down her Twitter bio, which besides listing The Federalist, also noted she worked for conservative outlets The Daily Wire and PJ Media.

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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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