Racist, Pro-Trump Graffiti Targets Alaska Restaurant Owned By Interracial Couple

A small town bistro has suffered what appears to be a racially-motivated attack
Image: flickr.com

A restaurant in Alaska has fallen victim to racist graffiti, including a message that appears supportive of President Donald Trump, according to an Associated Press report. The Wasabi Bistro, near Homer, Alaska, is the latest incident involving this kind of graffiti.

The graffiti read ‘Leve (sic) our town’ and ‘Go back to Affrica (sic).’ It also included ‘Trump 2020’. The defaced walls were photographed by a local newspaper. Homer has a population of less than 6,000, according to figures from 2017, but the owner of the restaurant believes there is an element in the community that doesn’t want him there.

Another piece of graffiti reportedly said ‘God will judg all nigers’. (sic)

Colt Belmonte owns the business with his wife, Dali Frazer. He is white, while she is black. Belmonte told the press that he had felt uncomfortable before and the couple had considered leaving the area. Belmonte told Homer News that his car had previously been vandalized.

“We hear things,” he told the newspaper. “And I don’t like to use the word, but … at the bar, you know, (we hear that) my wife is an ‘uppity n*****’ who should not own a business. (That) she doesn’t know where her place is. You know, you hear that all the time,” the local newspaper quotes him as saying.

“I hate to make it political, but obviously it is,” Belmonte said.

“I think our current presidency is letting these people have a voice,” he added. “They feel empowered, they feel whatever it is that they feel.”



Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.