A Bible Reportedly Signed By Donald Trump Is For Sale On eBay

A Bible Reportedly Signed By Donald Trump Is For Sale On eBay

When President Donald Trump signed the cover of Bibles for tornado survivors in Alabama last week, he was widely mocked by media figures and comedians. While conservatives jumped to Trump’s defense, claiming other presidents have signed Bibles, the story seemed to fizzle out.

However, a seller on eBay is trying to cash in on the story. They’re selling a Bible that they claim was signed by Trump in 2016. The President’s signature appears inside, rather than on the cover, and certainly looks like Trump’s distinctive handwriting.

The seller promises a certificate of authenticity, but this is not shown in the photos. The price tag is $525, a steal if the signature is genuine. And that’s the difficult question. There have been no previous reports of Trump signing Bibles, but that doesn’t exclude the possibility that he started this practice during the 2016 campaign.

But what kind of person would sell a Bible signed by the President? The seller is GraphwizardCollectibles, rather than an individual. The listing claims the Bible was collected in person, suggesting the seller had Trump sign the book at a rally. This is far from certain, however. They may be a market for fake Trump collectibles.

It seems unlikely that a religious supporter of President Trump would have him sign a Bible and then decide to sell it. Perhaps this particular Trump fan has hit hard times and has decided to cash in on a recent news story. Certain Fox News personalities have amplified the desirability of Trump autographed scripture.

It appears that the Bible has been on sale for some time, however. It’s possible that listings like this will increase in value following the controversy surrounding Trump’s Alabama visit. If either of the Bibles featured in the news reports were put up for sale, they would likely go for top dollar.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.