Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez Turns Ben Stein Into Pervy Sex Creep. Again.

Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez Turns Ben Stein Into Pervy Sex Creep. Again.

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez (D-NY) unveiled a plan for a Green New Deal on the steps of the Capitol on Thursday. Among the provisions in the document was a call for massive investment in environmentally-friendly infrastructure.

As Oscasio-Cortez noted, the country gets a return on every dollar the government invests in infrastructure used by the public. It does not get a similar return on tax cuts, since that money tends to get hoarded by beneficiaries. So infrastructure is a smarter choice for investment. Seems simple.

Neil Cavuto over at Fox Business Network asked economist and alleged sex creep Ben Stein about the assertion. Stein’s rebuttal can be summed up as Don’t worry your pretty head about it, little lady:

“I make of it the fact that we listen to her is just amazing. The fact that we pay attention to anything she suggests is just amazing. She doesn’t know her ass from her elbow about investments and return on investments. Why do we even listen to her? She’s charming and she’s very good-looking but why do we even listen to her?”


An old white conservative man dismisses a young woman of color’s ideas as naive and silly by saying people only listen to her because of her looks. And then Republicans wonder why the party struggles to attract female voters, or why Democrats’ cry of a GOP “War on Women” registers with the public.

Objectifying young women is nothing new for Stein. He once wrote a creepy diary entry at the American Spectator in which he waxed rhapsodic about a beautiful young woman and fantasized about taking her home to meet his wife. Which is a weird kink, but okay!

Later on, the beautiful young woman in question ran to Page Six to call him a “manipulative leech.” One would think he had learned his lesson, but apparently one would be wrong.


Gary Legum

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