Watch: Laura Ingraham Accuses The New York Times Of Selling ‘Their Own Version Of Reality’

Watch: Laura Ingraham Accuses The New York Times Of Selling ‘Their Own Version Of Reality’

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham launched an attack against the media last night in response to comments made by former President Barack Obama. Obama said that Fox News’ viewers lived in a different reality to those who read more reputable news sources.

“Obama is spending his non-retirement pining away for the bygone era when liberals dominated all media platforms,” Ingraham said, before showing a clip of Obama making the comments about Fox News.

“Yeah, it is entirely different. We see the world as it is, while the New York Times and certain other networks sell their own version of reality,” Ingraham said. “Oftentimes that version of reality is one where all the flyover people in the middle of the country, they kind of just fade away to be replaced by hip, cool progressives and maybe some socialist urbanites.”

“The president [Obama] despises talk radio,” Ingraham said. “We speak with the so-called deplorables every day. We saw Trump’s victory coming. The so-called erudite live and die by every headline, they were confident till the end that Hillary Clinton was going to win”.

“The real reason Obama detests Fox, talk radio, any conservative websites, it’s because he prefers life kind of the way it was or is today on college campuses, where diversity of thought is largely nonexistent and where violators of vague community standards are punished or shunned,” she continued.

“Guess what? Millions of Americans are actually glad they didn’t go to university or they are glad they live now in something called the real world,” Ingraham said. “They actually graduated and they prefer news sources and commentary where their own values are not under constant assault and ridicule by the so-called elites.”

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.