Tucker Carlson Is By Far The Most Popular Cable News Host At The Daily Stormer

Tucker Carlson Is By Far The Most Popular Cable News Host At The Daily Stormer

It is no secret that white nationalists and neo-Nazis love Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Notorious white supremacist and self-described father of the alt-right Richard Spencer recently praised the Daily Caller co-founder for raising the issue of “anti-white hatred.” That praise came on the heels of Carlson warning his viewers that the left was advocating for white genocide and pushing the issue of South African land seizures, a cause that has been championed by the far-right and white supremacists.

One of Tucker’s most well-known white nationalist fans is Andrew Anglin, the publisher of prominent white supremacist website The Daily Stormer. And Anglin has used his site to feature Carlson in hundreds of articles over the past two years.

According to BuzzFeed, analysis from an independent researcher that was matched by BuzzFeed revealed that Carlson was featured in 265 articles on the site since November 2016. No other conservative pundit or cable news host came anywhere close to Tucker.

From the piece:

By way of comparison, Sean Hannity, considered President Trump’s most rock-ribbed supporter on Fox News, was featured in 27 articles in the same time period; Laura Ingraham, another Fox News host, in four; and Lou Dobbs, whose Fox Business show frequently focuses on the alleged dangers posed by immigrants, two. The researcher used subject tags, created by Daily Stormer to categorize topics on its site, to arrive at the above numbers. BuzzFeed News was able to independently verify the researcher’s work by using the same method.

Most, but not all, of the stories feature clips from Carlson’s show. A typical story seizes on a confrontation between Carlson and a guest — usually a Jew, a racial minority, or a woman — and attaches a disturbingly violent headline. An April 2018 segment in which Carlson debated a Cuban American news analyst over so-called cry closets for students at the University of Utah to de-stress during finals became, on the Daily Stormer, “Tucker RAPES AND IMPREGNATES Crazy Eyed Whore in a COLLEGE CAMPUS CRY CLOSET.” A February 2018 debate over gun control became “Tucker FILLS Liberal Kike with LEAD for Demanding Gun Control.” A January 2018 Carlson interview with a DACA recipient became “Tucker Carlson FORCES Fat Beaner Whore to CHOKE to DEATH on GREASY TACOS.” There are dozens more stories along the same format.

As BuzzFeed further highlighted, the content of the articles themselves show Carlson as a “publicly cautious ally in an approaching race war,” saying that he’s “become the fully awakened White man” and converted to full-on nationalism. Meanwhile, Anglin himself has described Tucker Carlson Tonight as “Daily Stormer: The Show.”

While Carlson has regularly been criticized for parroting white nationalist talking points, he has passionately insisted that he’s not racist. (In one profile of him for CJR, a publicist called the author after the interview with make sure she knew Carlson wasn’t a racist.) But one thing is for certain — white supremacists really, really, really dig him.

Justin Baragona

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