Jeanine Pirro Just Asking Questions: Are There ‘Pedophiles’ And Wife-Beaters In The Caravan?

Jeanine Pirro Just Asking Questions: Are There ‘Pedophiles’ And Wife-Beaters In The Caravan?

With President Donald Trump sending thousands of troops to the southern border to confront a Central American migrant caravan that is still months away (if it ever arrives), Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro did some baseless speculation about the makeup of the group of asylum-seeking refugees during an appearance on Fox & Friends this morning.

After saying Trump’s deployment of troops “sends a very strong message” to the caravan, Pirro warned that there was violence reported when the caravan crossed the Mexico-Guatemalan border.

“This is a serious threat,” she said of the band of refugees nearly a thousand miles away from the closest entry point of the American border. In his most recent remarks on the caravan, the president said he would restrict asylum to refugees coming to the border and would instruct the military to shoot at any migrants who throw rocks at them.

Pirro then wondered whether there were child rapists and unrepentant criminals embedded in the caravan.

“I want to know — who is in that caravan?” the judge asked. “Are there pedophiles? Are there career criminals? Are there people who think they can beat their wives without consequence? We don’t know. That is the whole issue.”

This isn’t the first time that Pirro has fearmongered over the migrant caravan. After Trump jumped all-in on making the caravan his big midterm election issue last month, Pirro opened her weekend show by saying she wanted to know who was a “pedophile,” “sex offender,” wife-beater or someone with drug or alcohol problems.

She also invoked George Soros in her rant, stating the migrants can tell him “and the angry mob that’s coming here that you either come the right way like everyone else or be ready to face the military and a one-way ticket back to where you came from.” Considering that the Trump-supporting mail bomber and anti-Semitic synagogue shooter both trafficked in Soros conspiracies, one would think she’d like to take that statement back.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

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