Lindsey Graham Says He’ll Take DNA Test: ‘I’ll Probably Be Iranian, That’d Be…Terrible’

Tossing out bigotry to own the libs.

After Senator Elizabeth Warren released the results from a DNA exam that shows she likely has a small amount of Native American ancestry, conservatives have gone on the attack and roundly mocked the Democratic lawmaker and potential 2020 presidential candidate. This includes revealing their own bigotry and racism.

At the end of an interview on Fox & Friends this morning, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was offered by the hosts to come back on the show in a couple of weeks to look at the results of DNA tests that they were all going to take. (You know, to compare to Warren’s results.)

“We’ll find out who you really are,” co-host Brian Kilmeade noted.

“I’ll probably be Iranian,” Graham quipped. “That’d be, like, terrible.”

Kilmeade quickly interjected, saying they are “great people, just bad leaders.” The Republican senator nodded along, repeating they’re “bad leaders” and that he’s not in the “Ayatollah branch.”

I mean…

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

[H/T Aaron Rupar]


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