White Supremacist Richard Spencer Praises Tucker Carlson For Raising Issue Of ‘Anti-White Hatred’

White Supremacist Richard Spencer Praises Tucker Carlson For Raising Issue Of ‘Anti-White Hatred’

Earlier this week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson provided more ammunition to critics who have accused him of promoting white nationalism when he warned his viewers that the left was advocating for white genocide, the conspiracy theory that racists and white supremacists have been touting for years now. That came on the heels of Carlson pushing the issue of South African land seizures, a policy that the far-right has embraced as proof of white genocide. (One Tucker segment resulted in a President Trump tweet in which the president said he would have his State Department look into the matter.)

Anyway, while Carlson and his publicists have insisted over and over that he is not racist, his program remains a favorite of white nationalists. Just ask notorious white supremacist and alt-right founding father Richard Spencer.

In a series of tweets sent out on Tuesday, Spencer wrote that Carlson was “the most based, interesting, and impactful mainstream conservative commentator” because he’s willing to go “places the others aren’t.”

Spencer did offer up some criticism of Tucker for developing a “shtick” and that it’s become “tiresome,” further noting that Carlson tries to couch his commentary of the left’s purported obsession with race with his supposed belief in “color blindness.”

The proud white supremacist went on to say that Carlson had “become a major public figure, not simply for his talents and good humor, but because he has raised the specter of nationalism, national disintegration, and anti-white hatred.”

He concluded his thread by wondering if Tucker was “holding back” in order to keep his highly-rated Fox News show and if he was attempting to gradually “red pill” his viewership.

Last month, The Daily Caller — the site Carlson founded and served as its top editor until November 2016 — distanced itself from former editor Scott Greer after it was found that he wrote for the Radix Journal, a publication founded by Spencer. Asked by the Washington Post if he knew Greer — who had been with the Caller since 2014 — had contributed to Radix or harbored racist views when the Caller hired him, Carlson personally insulted the Post writer while saying he had “never heard of any of this” until The Atlantic reported on it.

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