Tucker Says ‘Multiculturalism Isn’t Real’: It’s About ‘Destroying One Culture’ In Favor Of The ‘New Foreign’ One

Tucker Says ‘Multiculturalism Isn’t Real’: It’s About ‘Destroying One Culture’ In Favor Of The ‘New Foreign’ One

Over the past year or so, primetime Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been accused by many critics and observers — including this author — of espousing white nationalist ideology and talking points during his broadcasts, largely around the topic of immigration. Carlson seems to spend every program claiming that diversity will ultimately destroy America as it is quickly and radically changing the culture of the country, and not for the better.

During Friday night’s show, Tucker focused on a New York City Council resolution to name a section of a Brooklyn street in ‘Little Haiti’ after one of Haiti’s founding fathers, Jean-Jacques Dessalines. Bringing up the 1804 Haiti Massacre to paint Dessalines as an anti-white “genocidal dictator,” Carlson welcomed on City Journal associate editor Seth Barron — who wrote about the vote in a piece titled ‘Genocide Junction’ — to discuss the topic.

After Barron said it would make sense for a street in Haiti to be named after Dessalines but he doesn’t understand why they’re doing it in NYC, he went on to state that this is being advocated by the same people who wanted to tear down statues of Christopher Columbus over the issue of slavery and genocide.

That is when Carlson essentially repeated the whole “white genocide” conspiracy theory popular within the alt-right.

“There are a couple of interesting things about this but the first is that multiculturalism isn’t real,” the conservative commentator declared. “So we were told that multiculturalism is when lots of cultures kind of coexist happily in all that. This is really destroying one culture and replacing it with the new foreign culture. That appears to be — you are taking our monuments down and putting yours up.”

Barron went on to tell Tucker that one Republican council member that voted for the resolution said it was in an effort to protect the Columbus monuments. The City Journal writer added that he informed the lawmaker it was “like the strategy of feeding her friends to the crocodiles in hopes that they will eat you last,” stating that they will eventually have both the street and the Columbus statues taken down.

“But Columbus discovered America and this is America so maybe there’s a reason we celebrate Columbus Day,” Tucker replied. “Dessalines, I’m sure he had good points besides being a genocidal nutcase. No one is monochromatic. But what does that have to do with America?”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

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