Laura Ingraham Says She ‘Literally Had Never Heard’ Of Richard Spencer 9 Months After Tweeting About Him

Laura Ingraham Says She ‘Literally Had Never Heard’ Of Richard Spencer 9 Months After Tweeting About Him

Wednesday night, Fox News host Laura Ingraham brought on ex-boyfriend and convicted felon pardoned by President Trump Dinesh D’Souza to talk about his latest pro-Trump ‘documentary’ that purports to show how evil Democrats really are, Death of a Nation. While discussing the film, which opens this week, Ingraham pointed out that D’Souza interviewed infamous white supremacist Richard Spencer in his film.

“Richard Spencer is someone the left holds up — he’s alt-right, he’s the real Republican Party,” she said. “He’s racist. And you actually interviewed him.”

After playing a clip in which D’Souza shows Spencer praising 19th century Democrats like Andrew Jackson — a president Trump has also repeatedly lauded — in an effort to show viewers that Spencer is really a liberal Democrat, Ingraham claimed that the white nationalist was a complete mystery to her.

“Dinesh, you and I have been doing this politics/culture thing since we were at Dartmouth together in the 1980s,” the Fox News star noted. “I never heard of this Richard Spencer until 5 minutes ago. I literally had never heard of him.”

Ummmm, except that isn’t exactly the case.

Just nine months ago, Ingraham took to Twitter to comment on a Politico piece about Spencer taking questions about what it was like to get punched in the face.

“The media and Richard Spencer have a twisted, sick codependent relationship with each other,” she wrote in the late-October 2017 tweet.

Based on those remarks, it would appear she was definitely familiar with who Spencer was at that time, considering she felt confident to make an observation about his “codependent relationship” with the media.

UPDATE 12:20 PM ET 8/2/2018: So, it wasn’t just the October 2017 tweet where Ingraham brought up Spencer. John Kerr of Media Matters put together a compilation clip of Ingraham discussing the white nationalist multiple times on her radio program. Check it out below:

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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