Will Trump Destroy The United States To Save Himself?

Will Trump Destroy The United States To Save Himself?

Facing furious accusations of treason and treachery, President Donald Trump may do whatever it takes to save himself. For Trump, there is seemingly no lie too big, and no obfuscation too unlikely or absurd when it comes to denying Russian interference in the 2016 election. Today’s summit in Helsinki continued a disturbing trend of the United States President refusing to confront Russian President Vladamir Putin in earnest over these issues.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Donald Trump may be unable to lie his way out of this problem. Of course, he and his acolytes have been hard at work muddying the waters by spinning miraculous falsehoods and perpetuating the most absurd conspiracy theories imaginable about the FBI and Justice Department.

Charming folks like Rudy Giuliani have regularly appeared on cable news telling tales about corruption at the deepest levels of the United States government. All of this in an effort to discredit the Special Counsel in anticipation of their finding that the Trump campaign indeed co-operated with Russian agents to influence the 2016 election.

But when you stack Trump’s heaps and piles of lies on top of each other and then compare and contrast, the facts just don’t add up. For example…Trump has flip-flopped on the actuality of Russian interference multiple times. On several occasions, he’s claimed the entire “Russian story” of election interference was simply a hoax perpetrated by poor-loser Democrats. And yet…Trump has also blamed Obama for the interference, claiming the former President should have prevented Russian cyber attacks. So which is it, Donald? Is the entire “Russian story” a made-up fabrication, or is it Obama’s fault?

If the President himself can’t make up his mind about his own story and consistently get the facts straight, why should the American public believe him? This got me thinking about the tweet below, which may provide a more significant insight into Trump’s mindset:

For Trump, “beating a phony Witch Hunt” is just the latest roadblock to his own self-assured success. It’s not a matter of legality, or treason, or even morality. Let’s face it…this isn’t even about America. It’s about saving the big-ticket item, TRUMP. Consider that the serious claims recently made against the Russian government by the Special Counsel were swiftly dismissed by the President. And just today, he stood next to Vladamir Putin and essentially sided with him, saying there was “blame on both sides” and that he saw “no reason” why Russia would meddle in the 2016 election.

Perhaps most disturbingly, Trump thinks he can escape the Russian connection by bashing Hillary Clinton over her emails. When asked today about possible co-operation with the Russian government during the 2016 election, Trump bizarrely pivoted to ranting about Hillary’s “30,000 missing emails.” These grade-school level tactics may have helped him win the election, but I don’t think it’s going to work this time.

So let’s call a spade a spade: Trump’s repeated lies and active undermining of the investigation into his campaign paint the picture of a guilty man. But just how far will he go to “beat” this investigation? He’s already set about sowing seeds of distrust amongst the public by repeatedly attacking bedrock U.S institutions like the FBI and DOJ. He’s clamped down on the free press by discrediting those who attempt to report this story faithfully. And the list of his transgressions against the American public goes on and on.

What could possibly be next? Some have suggested Trump’s refusal to accept the findings of Special Counsel Mueller may cause an outbreak of civil war. And while we don’t want to become overly hysterical over a brief summit in Helsinki, Trump’s refusal to acknowledge basic facts provided to him by U.S intelligence agencies is extremely concerning. If the President continues to side with our enemies and pit U.S institutions against each other to save himself, he may end up destroying the very fabric of America as we know it.


Kit Duggan

Kit Duggan

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